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  • What can Email Branding do for your Business?
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Did you know?

  • 85% of all business correspondence occurs via email
  • 13 200 emails on average are sent by a user per year
  • 500 hours are spent by staff sending and receiving emails per year
  • Everyday email has a 99% average open and delivery rate, the highest of any media channel!

Knowing what you know now, surely you want to get more from your everyday email?

What is Email Branding?

Email branding transforms your plain text emails from being just a form of communication into an interactive marketing productivity tool. It enhances social media integration, targeted messaging, real-time analytics and more, providing solutions for businesses that value 1-to-1 customized marketing communications.

By inserting interactive sales and marketing banners in every outbound email you can turn your everyday business email into your most trusted marketing campaign channel.

Before email branding

After email branding

RocketSeed Mail - Before and after | Social Connect

Email Branding allows you to:

  1. Drive traffic to designated areas
    • Link to specific product or promotional landing pages on your website
    • Link to your websites homepage
    • Drive traffic to various parts of your website

  2. Drive more sales
    • Launch new products
    • Display special offers that link to campaign landing pages
    • Click notifications in real time for sales follow up

  3. Perform dynamic, interactive marketing
    • Use ‘automatic banner rotation’ to display various marketing banners for every mail sent
    • Use the ‘banner library code’ to insert specific banners for specific recipients or domains
    • Market various products or services in your email signature and footer

  4. Drive press releases, news and dynamic content
    • Highlight breaking news with banner inserts and link to article
    • Link to latest blog article and provide signup to RSS feed
    • Directly link to video & picture galleries

  5. Grow your social networks
    • Grow your Twitter following by feeding tweets to your email
    • Link to your Facebook page to grow your fan base
    • Link you your LinkedIn profile
    • Introduce recipients to your video montage on YouTube

 RocketSeed Mail Example | Social Connect

 RocketSeed Mail Example | Social Connect

Email branding delivers results for small and medium-sized businesses and corporations alike.

  What can Email Branding do for your Business?  
  Email branding offers the following features and marketing opportunities for your business:   
  1. ad broadcaster 11. digital publisher  
  2. press distributor 12. brand awareness builder  
  3. email signature standardiser 13. loyalty builder  
  4. cost saver 14. business networker  
  5. list builder 15.  fund raiser  
  6. lead generator 16. quality controller  
  7. contact manager 17. product launcher  
  8. compliance controller 18. web traffic driver  
  9. digital marketer 19. survey manager  
  10. productivity booster      
  Email branding provides businesses with a comprehensive marketing solution with every email sent from every individual within the organization, allowing for centralized control of your marketing campaigns and turning each employee into a targeted marketing and sales force.  
  Use Email Branding to do the following for your Business:  
  1. Optimize a marketing channel you own  
  Effortlessly build your brand & market your business with every single email you and your staff send out.  
  2. Allow your business to stand out from the crowd  
  Being ordinary and doing things the traditional way just is not good enough today. Use every email to, not only stand out from competitors, but also increase brand recognition and loyalty.  
  3. Publish your successes  
  Whether you have received an award for exceptional service or work, won a new client account or received a great testimonial from a customer, tell everyone about it.  
  4. Find out what customers think of you  
  Allow customers and prospects to tell you how they feel about your business & service whilst giving you the necessary customer intelligence to pro-actively engage and retain them.  
  5. Market and promote your business  
  New products, services, news, events, special offers or discounts? Rotate, schedule and activate these campaigns on your everyday email right throughout the year.  
  6. Increase your marketing productivity  
  Turn every staff member into a marketer or sales agent without them even knowing about it. They just need to continue sending emails to customers and prospects in the way they normally do.  
  7. Generate business leads  
  Use our unique click alert feature to automatically notify you of the recipient details and actual links clicked on your email branding. Use these alerts to immediately engage customers and prospects that have shown interest, thus converting these leads into sales.  
  8. Drive traffic to your website (or blog, or forum, or whatever)  
  Plus you can easily integrate your latest website or blog headline into your email branding using our RSS feed functionality.  
  9. Grow your newsletter database  
  Be smart and use the email branding to insert messages into every email, requesting existing customers and prospects to subscribe to your newsletter.  
  10. Intelligently brand auto-generated emails  
  A client has just made the effort to interact with your website or send your help desk an email, so ensure that not only the email the client gets is branded, but it’s also relevant to that specific client transaction or sells them something more.  
  11. Save money on recruitment  
  Link to job categories on your website or include signup for job alerts.  
  12. Reporting  
  The email branding system offers real time reporting with click alerts and it is fully compatible with Google analytics. Analyse each campaign to get the best return on investment (ROI).  

In a nut shell, the application allows you to have full control of promotional banners running inside of every single email communication sent from an email user in your business. The great thing about it is that it is a dynamic tool that allows promotions and campaigns to be tailored and recipient specific.

  Get the most from your email, which your staff are sending any way!  

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  Email Branding Rates

Enquire Now!

  Initial setup fee (Once off)    
  1 - 50  email users  (minimum of 5 email users)

R 150
per user

  51 - 80  email users

R 130
per user

  81 - 100

 email users

R 120
per user

  101 +  email users

 On Request*

  - Setup of client account onto the system    
  - Setup of up of all user accounts    
  - Setup of client & user groups    
  - Setup of one group email signature    
  - Setup of email disclaimer    
  - Setup of receiver accounts    
  - Technical setup with IT department (if necessary)    
  Monthly Fees    
   License Fees    
   1 - 50 users Monthly license fee (minimum of 5 email users)

R 60.00
per user

   51 - 80 users Monthly license fee

R 57.50
per user

   81 - 100 users  Monthly license fee

R 55.00
per user

   100+ users  Monthly license fee

per user

  Management fee (optional)

per month

  - Managing staff changes (adding & removing emails)    
  - Uploading and management of banners    
  - Management of campaigns    
  - Email signature amendments    
  - Maintenance and amendments of receivers accounts    
  - Monthly report (e.g. Click Tracking Report, Campaign Reports)    
  - Maintenance of disclaimer    
  - Overall management of the system and client relationships    
  - All back end coding and uploads    
  - Design of 4 banners per month (if required)    
  Ad hoc Fees
(to be used when no monthly management fee is taken)
  New user setup

R 150
per new user

  Uploading of new banner (if own artwork is provided)   

R 175
per banner

  Customised monthly report

R 450
per report

  Setup of receivers account 

R 275
per receiver account

  Setup of senders account

R 275
per sender account

  Setup of new email signature (own HTML design provided)

R 275
per signature

  Email signature amendment     

R 175
per amendment

  Setup of new disclaimer

R 275
per disclaimer

  Amendment of disclaimer 

R 175
per amendment

  HTML Coding 

R 400
per hour

  Design Fees (optional)          
  Banner design

R 400
per banner

  Banner variation

R  95
per variation

  New email signature design (includes upload)

R 500
per design

  Additional design work

R 400
per hour


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Please note:

All packages on this site are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

The above rates exclude VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Email Branding requires a MINIMUM OF 5 email users to setup.

Email branding license fee is subject to a minimum of 3 months subscription and is billed in advance.

For over 100
email users, connect with us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Banner variation refers to an identical banner with a slight variation (eg different wording)