• Why do Email Marketing?
  • Benefits of Bulk Sends
  • Why use Social Connect?

Why do Email Marketing?

  Why should your Business do Bulk Email Marketing?  
  Email marketing is a value exchange between business and customer. You’re essentially trading your information for their time. Thus, with a strong content driven campaign, email is more powerful than any other digital channel.  
  Why? Because it has the ability to centralize the conversation about your business or information about your product to a highly personal environment — your inbox.  
  Email provides a direct line of communication between marketer and the decision maker. Email marketing provides the most direct line between product introduction and sales conversion.  
  It’s also amazingly cost-effective and according to the Direct Marketing Association, delivers around 4,300% ROI.  
  Good newsletter content keeps your customers engaged, keeps the relationship active and mutual, and allows you to leverage off the relationship in moving your products and services through digital word of mouth to other prospects  
  Some interesting facts…  


Of consumers make purchases as a direct outcome of email. Bulk mail remains one of the most powerful sales drivers online.  


Of consumers go online to send and receive emails everyday. Email has become integrated in virtually all facets of life. Make sure you appears where your customers are looking.  


Consumers said that they preferred receiving promotional emails from companies. The statistics speak for themselves. If your customers are interested in your product, make sure you deliver.  


Of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves. Bulk mail retains one of the highest returns on investment for any given marketing tactic.  


Of marketers believed that social sharing extended the reach of email content to new markets. Many believed social media to be the end of email. Instead, it added even more value.  
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Benefits of Bulk Sends

  What can Email Marketing do for your Business?  
  Reach a Global Audience  
  Email marketing allows you to reach all prospects, regardless of geographic location, enabling you to provide your products and services to a larger audience than ever before.  
  Drive Sales  
  With the highest click through rates on average of any digital marketing channel, email marketing is the leading driver of sales online. Harness the power of email marketing and grow your business.  
  Generate New Leads  
  With the ability to link, track and measure the traffic that goes through email marketing, you have the ability to generate hot leads and guide them through the buyers’ journey.  
  Build Relationships  
  The email inbox is the most personal haven for corporate and personal communication. Having the permission to frequent your customers’ inboxes places you in a fortunate position of being able to build a much stronger relationship. A happy customer is a paying customer.  
  Integrate Marketing  
  With the ability to integrate various marketing channels, including social media, your newsletter becomes the vantage point from which to launch any of your campaigns.  
  Build your Brand  
  By enjoying permission to frequent your customers and prospects’ inboxes you have the ability to build a stronger brand by staying top of mind through quality content, strong sustainable products and services and exemplary customer service.  
  Benefits of Email Marketing for your Business  
  - Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to all types of businesses  
  - Email marketing is an ideal way to promote products, services or events to clients who have requested to receive your messages  
  - Email marketing can reach a wide audience in a short period of time  
  - Email marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing  
  - Email marketing provides a clear call to action  
  - Email marketing allows links to be embedded in messages, which drives website traffic  
  - Email marketing is measurable. Data allows marketers to improve future marketing campaigns  
  - Email marketing improves brand awareness and customer relations  
  - Email marketing can be targeted to specific group's example gender, income, age & interests  
  - Email marketing can be geo-targeted  
  - Email marketing allows insight, you can measure who is interested in what and you can supply it  
  - Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back  
  - Email marketing is quick to send and it's quick to see the results  
  - Email marketing puts your message in front of the customer more accurately than any other mail  
  - Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them  
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Why use Social Connect?

  Why choose Social Connect for your Bulk Email sending solution?  
  1. We provide a bulk email solution that delivers the highest return on investment.  
  2. Our bulk email system is cost effective for all businesses, big or small.  
  3. We provide a system which is the absolute simplest way to reach prospects in the form of bulk emails.  
  4. We upload and manage your user database, creating groups, segmenting and filtering of users.  
  5. We check spam score, proof your newsletter and check the validity of links to ensure maximum delivery.  
  6. We supply integrated social sharing tools to all popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  
  7. We provide the ability to send automatic trigger emails in response to a user interaction.  
  8. We manage new subscribers through automated opt-in forms.  
  9. We provide automatic opt-out functionality to ensure legal compliance.  
  10. We supply real-time reports on all user responses and activities. Track real-time totals for emails received, opened, and clicked, as well as email based
or social network shares and new signups.
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