What is an Email Newsletter?  
  An Email Newsletter is a direct email sent out on a regular basis to a list of subscribers, customers. It is meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness.  
  Do you want to send your clients a professional monthly newsletter?  
  Social Connect offers a turnkey solution from copywriting to design and then to doing the actual send.   
  - We can custom design a template for you and convert it into HTML  
  - We can customise an existing template  
  - Newsletter copywriting  
  - Origination (design and layout from text and images)  
  - We can do the bulk email send and manage your data base or else you can choose to manage the send and your data base  
  Connect with us for all your email newsletter requirements.  

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  Email Newsletter Rates    
  Once off fees    
  Design of a customised newsletter template & HTML conversion

per template

  Customising of an existing template

per template

  Ad hoc fees - per newsletter send    
  Newsletter copywriting

R 650
per hour

  Origination (design and layout from text and images)

R 385
per hour

  Adding newsletter content to your website (optional)

R 385
per hour

  Purchasing of images if they are not supplied (optional)

R 75
per image

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  Please note:    
  All packages on this site are subject to our Terms and Conditions.    

Images: Images to be supplied if possible. Where images are not supplied, Social Connect will provide good quality images at R150 per image. Images can only be purchased in batches of 5 (R750 per batch).

  Copywriting: Basic topics and any rates required for the newsletter to be sent to Social Connect, in due time.    

The above rates are only for the design/development and population of the newsletter and exclude all sending fees. Click here to view our bulk email sending rates.